I'm so sorry for the lack of updates last month, but I was so busy the last weeks with school! I have tests next week and then I finally have a break! I will definitely post some posts with my outfits, because I almost never do this. I hate it so much that I can take pictures and have no one who wants to photograph my outfits. My boyfriend doesn't even have time for this, because he works every day till 6 o'clock. BAD LUCK!

My new plans for this year:
I hate to have too many clothes for little money when I am not quite happy with it. The first is that I get to spend more this year for beautiful items, but fewer items than last year. So I will make a great list with all the items that I really loved, but also expensive! The first shoe on my list is definitely the ANCE Atacoma Black Metal boot. He's 440 euros, but I will buy them. It's nearly my birthday, so I will ask from my parents and my boyfriend money to buy this shoe. I can buy them now and maybe I will, but I also have to pay my vacations with my boyfriend. Crete is the summer vacation with his entire family for 2 weeks. And in the winter vacation we go with my family for one week.


  1. de acne atacomas?!! aah die zijn geweldig! ik ben heel benieuwd! x

  2. I love the rings, they're so unique!

  3. wouw die ringen zijn echt prachtig !!