Bought these two heels from the Bijenkorf (Dune group). They were 170 euros each, but because I work there I had 50% discount. So I bouth them for the price of one.

Actually, I'm not a big fan of animal prints and certainly not by clothes. Outside my new cardigan from gueens gardrobe, but I fell in love when I saw them. I don't know why! So that's also the reasen why I took them both, because I can't choose. Do you like them or is it to much?

They also run really delicious. You wouldn't expect, because the thin heel. The brand is Pied A Terre. We also have them of the brand Dune, but they are much less beautiful and the heel is lower.


  1. Gaaf hoor! Ik heb zelf ook panterprint pumps van ASOS, maar draag ze haast nooit omdat ik ze moeilijk vind te combineren. Dus als jij nou eens wat outfitjes maakt haha, kan ik inspiratie opdoen ;)!

  2. wel veel geld! ik wil er zelf ook nog steeds in met panterprint!

  3. Ik vind die panterprint het mooist! Waren er nog veel maten?

  4. im either not a fan of animal print clothes, i just wear it on accessories but i loved those shoes, speciall the pair on the left! want to see you wearing them :D

  5. Geweldig, ik hou ervan! Zou nog graag die Topshop Ashish willen in zebra maar zóó duur.. =(